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If you are looking for purpose, release, direction and clarity in your life, you've come to the right place.


Have a loved one that would benefit from emotional healing? Gift cards are now available.

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Medium, Healer, D.N.A Emotion Practitioner, Body Works Therapist
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Leanne is an Emotional DNA Therapist and preventative healer.


She was born with an extraordinary gift that gives her the ability to tap into and feel people's emotions, spanning across generations—past and present. Like a skilled radio tuning into unique frequencies, she navigates the energy that surrounds us, providing profound insights into emotional landscapes. She uses this gift, along with her unique clearing technique to help individuals, couples, and families to heal their negative emotional dysfunctions and traumas.


Born in Australia, Leanne first embarked on her own healing journey more than 30 years ago and uses these insights to help heal her clients. She has assisted the personal growth of thousands of people all over Australia and the world, helping them find their life purpose. Leanne also works as a sports and bodywork therapist. She is available for phone consultations for clients living outside of Sydney who need assistance with emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship breakdowns, parenting issues, past-life regression, corporate and business counselling and reiki. 

Leanne has published her first book, 'Wake Up!', which is available to order, both digital and hard copy, through most online retailers and e-book providers. All the proceeds from the book are donated to the charity Gotcha4Life.

"She's just an extraordinary person that saved my marriage, saved my sanity and just made me so much more of a better person."

- Gus Worland / TV & Radio Personality

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Remedial Massage Therapist & Reiki Healer
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Stephen Magoulias is a registered Remedial Massage Therapist and Reiki healer, soon to be Reiki Master.

He believes there is a deep connection between our physical, spiritual and emotional states. Stephen uses his unique blend of reiki and remedial massage abilities to provide healing treatments that work holistically on the body, mind and spirit, while also providing targeted relief from aches and pains. By activating all the major energy centres of the body, reiki can help to promote healing, stress reduction and balance.

Stephen works with Leanne at their Sydney clinic and is taking appointments via our online booking system.

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We provide a variety of healing services that provide you with direction and clarity. See our Services page for a full list of offers.

Leanne offers intensive healing sessions for families that are affected by addiction, depression and anxiety. Leanne will actively heal and delete the emotional trauma until stability is achieved in the household. 

She is also able to communicate with those who have crossed over. 


Leanne helps couples facing issues caused by work problems, financial difficulties, addiction, cheating and communication issues.

Leanne also can work with children who are affected by a relationship breakdown to set the family back on the correct pathway.

Depression & Anxiety

Leanne specialises in helping heal depression & anxiety. She has helped hundreds of people suffering from all types of harrowing issues such as PTSD, anger issues, victims of accidents, loss and grief. She can help you move forward towards recovery and emotional freedom.


Leanne conducts intensive business coaching for all types of businesses. She will help you to determine the correct pathway and business venture to seek, develop strategies, structures and will give you the determination needed to start the pathway to success.

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Vanessa Crowe

"Leanne is a life changer! She is a beautiful, caring and insightful woman. I highly recommend her if searching for guidance in any aspect."

Gus Worland -
TV & Radio Personality

"She's just an extraordinary person that saved my marriage, saved my sanity and she just make me so much more of a better person."

Katie Moriarty

"Leanne is the spiritual mother everyone needs! She gets to the core of your issues and tells you what you need to hear to heal yourself and change your life. Thank you Leanne, you are amazing."



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