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Leanne's healing sessions will provide a deeper insight to your spiritual being and assist in eradicating negative issues whilst focusing on rebuilding and maintaining positive energy.


Appointments are available in-clinic or via phone/virtually.

If you would prefer to book via phone or would like to be on the cancellation list, please text or call Leanne on 0400 006 222.


Prices are displayed in AUD. 

New Client Initial Reading

$150 - 45 minutes

As a new client, you need to book this service first.

A reading with Leanne is a consultation to assess your current pathway and to give you an understanding of the steps involved to set you on your pathway to life and get you back on track.

This session involves connecting with your ancestors to learn issues you may have inherited from them (we all inherit emotional as well as physical characteristics from our ancestors). This can present in your body as phobias, fears, depression, anxiety, PTSD, obsessive thoughts, sicknesses and emotional triggers. Together with Leanne, you will come away from this session with a pathway to getting your life on track.


$120 - 45 minutes

Depression, anxiety, fears, emotional triggers, PTSD, obsessive thoughts - the roots of these difficulties often are not learnt in our immediate life experience or in chemical imbalances in our brains—but in the lives of our ancestors. Emotional trauma is passed down and inherited through many generations impacting our lives with blockages to live fulfilled and happy lives.

Once you've your initial reading with Leanne, a healing session will get to the root of the trauma - you are taken back to your very first memory of experiencing that trauma as a child and these memories are unhooked/deleted. As children, anything that interrupts the natural rhythm of your life at critical points can create emotion dysfunctions that have severe outcomes later on when you reach adulthood such as depression and anxiety.


Unhooking emotional triggers in your body will bring you more peace and allow you to achieve more with your life.

Business Coaching

$299 - 1 hour 30 minutes

Leanne conducts intensive business coaching for all types of businesses, whether you are smaller business, already established or wanting to start a business but aren't sure where to start.


In this session you will gain clarity around current businesses blockages, where there appears to be a stagnation of energy, failings or a group of disgruntled employees that are affecting the progress of the organisation. Understanding these dynamics and the root of miscommunications and mistrust is an important pathway to rebuilding, by clearing and replacing negative energy.  For new businesses, Leanne will work with you to determine the correct pathway and business venture to seek. She helps develop strategies and structures and will give you the hope and determination needed to start the pathway to success. 


Leanne has consulted with a range of businesses including retail, industrial, commercial and hospitality industries and  is highly recommended for this type of work, from organisations all over the world.

Family Group Healing

$350 - 2 hours

When addiction, depression or anxiety affects the family it is often a time of helplessness that can be incredibly difficult to navigate. When children become victims of depression, anxiety or substance abuse, parents also become victims, as they watch their children transform into irrational and antisocial individuals. This harrowing scenario finds parents buckling beneath the stress - often with catastrophic consequences: divorce, career upsets, breakdowns and worse. 

Leanne has helped thousands of Australians fight addiction, depression and anxiety. Don't give up hope.


Home visits can be arranged but will incur a fee, please call Leanne directly to organise a quote.

Kids Healing

$120 - 45 minutes

Does your child have unexplained behaviour, fears or issues that are preventing them from achieving their full potential? Leanne can give parents a clear understanding of what emotional blockages are holding a child back.


Through a combination of bodywork, which includes pressure point therapy, energetic healing and cranial massage, followed by a discussion with the parents on existing allergies and behaviours since birth, Leanne gets a clear sense of the child. She understands the behaviour and deletes any trauma that they have inherited from their parents. Leanne provides the parents with an understanding of what the child is coping with, helping the child by providing a voice for them, as she has the ability to articulate to the parents how the child is feeling.


Throughout this healing, the child will be receiving a massage and then watching TV on a device with headphones so the parents and Leanne can discuss the behaviours without directly involving the child. Leanne has successfully helped parents through unexplained behaviours with their children, specialising in children suffering from autism. These healings can also be done remotely through a photograph of the child.

Couples Therapy

$299 - 1 hour and 30 minutes

Leanne offers healing sessions for couples facing issues such as stress caused by work problems, financial difficulties, addiction, cheating and communication issues.  


She provides you insight into the partner's thought process so you can truly understand the issue from both perspectives. Leanne then will provide you with guidance on how to communicate effectively to one other to ensure you both work in harmony. By getting to the root of the relationship trauma, Leanne helps you to release and resolve the inner issues and emotional pain which prevents happiness in a relationship.


Leanne also can work with children who are affected by a relationship breakdown to set the family back on the correct pathway. 

Bodywork Therapy

$130 - 45 minutes

Once you've had an initial reading with Leanne, you can book Bodywork Therapy as your follow up appointment.

Bodywork Therapy is best for people who struggle with articulating their emotions, or for people who are experiencing physical sickness and are looking for relief from back and neck pains, fatigue and stress. It is the identification of inherited emotional blockages and the skilled release of energies to overcome physical and emotional pain.


Leanne has the ability to release emotional trauma such as depression through a variety of techniques such as massage or cupping. These techniques focus on pressure points and breathing therapy. This process is crucial to unblock the emotion physically from the body.

Past-Life Healing

$130 - 45 minutes

Available only after an initial Healing session.


Unexplainable pains, fears, phobias and sudden urges that you can't understand are usually an experience or trauma from a past life that you have bought into this life. The issues and fears we experience in this life are the effect of unfinished and unhealed trauma and wounds of our past lives.


​Past-life healings with Leanne are a powerful tool that can improve your understanding of your personal challenges and deepen your connection with the world around you. Through past-life therapy, Leanne will explain your experiences in prior lifetimes which will not only give you a greater understanding of the person that you are today but put you back on your life's intended pathway.

Birthday Healing (Re-birthing)

$130 - 45 minutes

Available only after an initial Healing session.


The Birthday (re-birthing) Healing takes you back, from your current birthday, through every year of your life and deactivates you from your existing path. You are then re-activated so that your life will flow better. This healing clears the dysfunctional path you are on, that's led to a dead-end, and sets you on the right path. When you are on an incorrect path, you experience difficulties. Healing clears these issues and sets you back on the correct path, and good intentions will be revealed. Instead of resistance, your life flows well and the things that are meant for you come into your life.


Clients who have tried this healing say it has changed their life dramatically and must be done on your actual birthday or in your birth month.


Stephen Magoulias is a registered Remedial Massage Therapist and Reiki healer, soon to be Reiki Master. He believes there is a deep connection between our physical, spiritual and emotional states. Appointments are available in-clinic.

If you would prefer to book via phone or would like to be on the cancellation list, please text or call Stephen on 0429 033 300.


Prices are displayed in AUD. 

Remedial Massage

$110 - 1 hour

Remedial massage stimulates blood supply, makes joints more mobile and helps to repair damaged tissues. Remedial massage is a targeted treatment to alleviate muscular aches, relieve headaches and help accelerate recovery from injury.


Stephen aims to balance the length, tone and tension of muscles and tendons, helping restore the correct balance in the body.


$90 - 45 minutes

Reiki (pronounced as 'ray-key') is energetic healing that activates all of the body's chakras, bringing them into balance. It is the art and technique of directing and applying natural positive universal life energy.

This treatment aims to relieve stress and pain and to induce relaxation, release emotional blockages, accelerate natural healing and balance the energies within the body.

Energy Healing Massage: Reiki + Remedial Massage

$160 - 1 hour 30 minutes

A truly holistic treatment that works to heal the body, mind and spirit, as one. A Reiki energy healing treatment is combined with remedial massage, providing targeted relief from aches and pains. This treatment reaps the benefits of both Reiki and remedial bodywork, relieving stress, pain and emotional blockages in order to accelerate natural healing and balance the energies within the body.

Relaxation Massage

$110 - 1 hour

Relaxation massages use comforting and soothing techniques to stimulate the body and can release positive hormones such as dopamine and endorphins.


This treatment focuses on providing general relaxation, relieving light muscle tension and improving blood circulation. It's a gentle way to promote stress relief from day to day life.

Let's Work Together

If you need help but aren't finding any of the above services suitable, please get in touch with us and we can work on a solution together.

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