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There is more to your DNA than you realise

Just as much as you look like your family, you can also inherit your family’s emotions. Inherited or other emotions collectively can cause your body to feel overloaded, stressed, fatigued or overwhelmed, and can have repercussions on areas in your life.


Leanne was born with a gift that allows her to step into your emotional body, feeling what you feel, in order to trace these events back to a similar occurrence in your early life, or via an inherited gene through your DNA. Her abilities allow her to delete these unwanted dysfunctions from your subconscious mind so they no longer trigger a reaction in your daily life, allowing you to live more peacefully.


Leanne is not the fluffy kind of medium who tells you about your dead grandpa Joe and how much he loved you, nor is she the kind who tells you she sees riches around the corner. She is the hard-knocks medium who will call you out on your bull because she sees your soul fighting against the desires of your human body, which are blocking you from facing up to your reality.


Leanne was born with a gift and is on a mission to help humanity - she says it like it is because it needs to be said. If you don't fix your life now, in this life, you will repeat your life over and over again until you learn to fix it.

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